All the hype, it’s the Glastonbury 2013 lineup

The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts line-up was released this (27/03/2013) evening to the many tens of thousands of ticket holders and those jealous of the people that do hold tickets, and what a line-up it is.

Glastonbury 2013

The Glastonbury 2013 lineup, image from

Earlier this year, it was leaked and suggested that the Arctic Monkeys had received the Friday slot for the festival, but it had no official word… until this evening. The Sheffield band took the world by storm with their 2006 album ‘Whatever I say I am, that’s what I’m not’ and took the same slot at the festival in 2007. After Glastonbury’s 2012 hiatus, the Arctic Monkeys are returning to the main stage, the Pyramid Stage, probably to promote an upcoming 2013 album they had announced and a return to touring.

The other, more anticipated headline act for ‘Glasto 13′ would indefinitely be the Saturday act, The Rolling Stones. When they had announced their return, some tickets for the reunion gigs were selling for feats of over £100; testament to their legacy in music and their popularity even among the world’s youngest fans. 2013 will be The Rolling Stones’ first performance at Glastonbury festival, so that’ll be one to look for. Whether their performance will be shown on the BBC is a different story; especially after The Stone Roses’ only official footage at a festival or any of their comeback gigs was their opening performance of I Wanna Be Adored, shown online from Benicassim Fiber Fib in 2012.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones, 2012. Image credited to livemusicblog.

The other act, the Sunday act, are Mumford & Sons. A band I personally don’t rate, with the exception of that one catchy song ‘I Will Wait’. I’m not sure what the hype is about this band, but they’re headlining.

Among these three headliners, there are more than ten handfuls of other bands to play the festival over a whopping 100 stages. I knew Glastonbury was big, but not that big! A band I hold (insert awws) close to my heart with my girlfriend, The Lumineers are playing. Not many people like the band, but I do, and I wish I could be there to see them.

Vampire Weekend are supporters on the Pyramid Stage, along with long-running band Primal Scream among other acts.

Two Door Cinema Club, who to my surprise with their 2012 album aren’t headlining any of the stages at Glastonbury; they’re the supporting acts (I think?) behind Foals and The xx on the ‘Other stage’.

And that’s my take on Glastonbury. The hype is big, it might suit some people, it might not. “I see Hawkwind aren’t there…” is what my dad told me in a somewhat disappointed voice, clearly reminiscing in his 1981 visit to the fifth Glastonbury festival. But yeah, if you’re one of the lucky 135,000 ticketholders to the festival, I envy you and just so you know, I’ll be one of the many applying for returned tickets in April.

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